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On Pillar Retractable Lap Sash (Emergency Locking Retractor - ELR type)

“On Pillar” is the term used when the retractor is bolted directly onto the internal pillar of the vehicle. In this mounting position the drum of the retractor is facing in towards the middle of the vehicle. See the adjacent diagram. Note the positioning and orientation of the retractor. This set-up is common in earlier models and some trucks, and might also be used to upgrade from non-retractable lap sash seat belts, depending upon anchoring positions.

Retractable seat belts are made to be mounted at a combination of two angles.
  1. The angle of the spring side in relation to the direction of the vehicle.
  2. The angle of the mounting face in relation to the floor of the vehicle.

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Buckles are either
Stalk (cable) mounted on the side of the transmission tunnel (vertical surface)
Stalk (cable) mounted on the floor (horizontal surface) – note the anchor plate
Stem (steel plate) mounted on the seat or vertical bracket
Adjustable Webbing or Fixed Length Webbing
See Seat Belt Buckles for a full description.
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