Dash Mats

Select Gear distributes the comprehensive range of Dashmats in the Protectomat brand. Protectomat brand dashmats are accurately moulded to the shape of the dash on a wide variety of passenger vehicles available in today’s market. Nowadays the main advantages of dashmats are heat reduction or dissipation, and reflective glare minimisation. 

Other products use velvet cut style of fabric, creating thousands of tiny reflective surfaces which actually enhance internal glare from the dash. Protectomat dashmats are made from velour loop style of fabric, thereby greatly reducing the reflective glare caused by the dash itself. 

Other brands simply punch uniform holes along the demisting line, hindering demisting capability. Protectomat dashmats are specially cut around all demisting vents or other protrusions from a dashboard, and have a cut overlocked flap over the passenger side airbag.

So each dashmat, which is custom fit to your vehicle’s dashboard, reduces heat and glare while still affording maximum demisting capacity.

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