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Retractable Lap Only Seat Belts (Emergency Locking Retractor - ELR type)
Retractable lap only seat belts are suitable for single driver and front passenger seats in some buses, motor-homes, island cab trucks and other vehicles where a pillar is not readily accessible for mounting a retractor or sash guide. They may be used on forklifts, agricultural machinery, earth-moving and mining equipment and other vehicle applications where an ELR type lap only seat belt is required. These seat belts are certified to AS/NZS 2596 and are suitable for road registered vehicles.

The retractor is mounted to the seat on either the right hip side or the left hip side. The rear mounting face of the frame of the retractor belt must always be vertical. The spring side can be at either a 45º angle or a 60º angle. It is important that the seat is adequately secured or tethered to the vehicle. The belts should be fitted to the side of the seat such that the drum of the retractor is facing outwards. A plastic retractor cover is supplied to protect the retractor.

The following lap only belts are available:
45º Angle Retractor Mounted on Right Hip
45º Angle Retractor Mounted on Left Hip
60º Angle Retractor Mounted on Right Hip
60º Angle Retractor Mounted on Left Hip
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Buckles are either
Stalk (cable) mounted on the side of the seat (vertical surface)
Stalk (cable) mounted on the floor (horizontal surface) – note the anchor plate
Stem (steel plate) mounted on the seat or vertical bracket
Adjustable Webbing or Fixed Length Webbing
Buckles with an internal electric switch are available. These may be wired to either open or close a circuit depending on requirement. 
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