Seat Belts - Non Retractable Lap Only

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Seat Belts - Non Retractable Lap Only 
Non-retractable or static lap only seat belts are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are most often used in the centre rear of passenger vehicles (or centre front in the case of a front bench seat). They may also be used on forklifts and other industrial or agricultural machines if replacing similar belts.
These belts are adjustable with the adjusting mechanism in the tongue housing.
Standard belt length 1.2 metres     Long belt length  1.8 metres     (Short belt N/A)

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Buckles are either
Stalk (cable) mounted on the side of the transmission tunnel (vertical surface)
Stalk (cable) mounted on the floor (horizontal surface) – note the anchor plate
Stem (steel plate) mounted on the seat or vertical bracket
Adjustable Webbing or Fixed Length Webbing
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