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Automatic Locking Retractor Seat Belts Commonly referred to as ALR seat belts. Available in webbing widths of 2 inches (50mm) or 3 inches (75mm).

An ALR type seat belt may be used in industrial vehicle applications such as mining, agricultural, earth-moving and forklift equipment. These retractable seat belts are not angle sensitive. Instead the seat belt locking mechanism is activated automatically when the webbing is extended beyond the locking point and the tongue is inserted into the buckle. A cam action within the retractor then locks the retractor from unwinding further. Webbing can only spool onto the retractor. This locks the operator into the vehicle seat and restricts undesired occupant movement over rough terrain. Releasing the tongue from the buckle allows the retractor to fully retract, in turn unlocking the retractor.

These ALR belts conform to and are certified to:
ISO 6683 Earth-Moving Machinery - Seat Belts and Seat Belt Anchorages
SAE J386 Operator Restraint Systems for Off-Road Work Machines
FMVSS 302 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard - Flammability of Interior Materials

Buckles are either
Stalk (cable) mounted on the side of the seat (vertical surface)
Stalk (cable) mounted on the floor (horizontal surface) – note the anchor plate
Stem (steel plate) mounted on the seat or vertical bracket
Adjustable Webbing or Fixed Length Webbing
Buckles with an internal electric switch are available. These may be wired to either open or close a circuit depending on requirement. 
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