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LiquiTube Tyre Sealant Specially formulated premium tyre sealant. Patented formula comprising 23 separate ingredients combined and heat treated resulting in a homogeneous compound which will not separate in either the delivery container or the tyre. Suitable for all air filled tyres (not for use in tyres with liquid ballast or powder ballast.) Seals punctures up to 6mm in standard tyres and up to 20mm in heavy ply tyres. Seals against bead or rim leaks. Installed through the valve stem. Helps maintain tyre pressure, draws heat from tread surface up tyre walls extending tyre life. Water soluble. Suitable for bicycles, wheelchairs, wheelbarrows, trolleys, cars, motorcycles, trailers, 4WD's, vans, utes, ATV's, caravans, ride-on mowers, golf buggies, trucks, tractors, earth-moving and agricultural vehicles (not suitable in tyres with liquid or powder ballast).

Carton quantity 500ml & 1 litre = 12 units
Carton quantity 4 litre = 4 units
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