CRC Corrosion Inhibitors

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CRC Corrosion Inhibitors 

CRC Lectra Shield Long term indoor and outdoor protection against corrosion on machined surfaces and assemblies. Displaces water and leaves an amber waxy film. Provides protection against heat, humidity, chemicals and corrosive environments including salt spray conditions. Recommended on valves, cable end sealer, dies, moulds, bits, spindles, instrumentation, motors, shafts, and equipment exposed to the elements. Remove with CRC Lectra-Clean or petroleum solvent. For a technical data sheet on CRC Lectra Clean click here

CRC Urethane Seal Coat Red or Clear. Single component polyurethane coating, quick drying, forms a hard but flexible non-conductive film. Protects electric motors, armatures and other electrical or electronic applications against shocks, abrasion, moisture and harsh chemical environments. For a technical data sheet on CRC Urethane Seal Coat click here

CRC Soft Seal Long term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. Displaces moisture and leaves and amber waxy film for heavy protection. For a technical data sheet on CRC Soft Seal click here

CRC Long Life Anti-Rust Lubricant Provides superior lubrication and heavy duty corrosion protection for metal parts and assemblies stored indoors. Ideal as a start up lubricant for stored machinery. Removes easily with CRC Lectra Clean. For a technical data sheet on CRC Long Life click here

CRC Battery Maintenance Formulated for the removal of acid corrosion deposits, electrolytes and moisture from battery terminals. Promotes longer battery life. Spray on, wipe off. For a technical data sheet on CRC Battery Maintenance click here

CRC Battery Terminal Protector Formulated to protect battery terminals from corrosion, leading to peak battery performance. Dry lead-free coating that protects from moisture, salts, and road grime. For a technical data sheet on CRC Battery Terminal Protector click here


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