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Chemtech Fuel Additives - Diesel Power & Petrol Power fuel additives have been specifically formulated to boost engine performance, improve fuel economy, clean injectors, reduce exhaust emissions, reduce engine corrosion, inhibit growth of algae and bacteria and improve fuel storage stability. Petrol Power also prevents the formation of stable fuel-water emulsion and disperses insoluble gums.  

Chemtech Diesel Power is available in 300ml bottle, 1 litre bottle, 5 litre can and 20 litre drum.

Chemtech Petrol Power is available in 300ml bottle.

Diesel Power Turbo & DPF Cleaner cleans diesel particulates filter (DPF) and frees stuck turbo vanes. Available in 300ml bottle.

Diesel Power Engine Flush dissolves and removes internal engine contaminants by suspending them in a high level of dispersants. The non-solvent formula assures maximum drainage of the contaminants with the used oil, thereby minimising new oil contamination. Available in 300ml bottle.

Carton quantity 300ml = 12 units
Carton quantity 1 litre = 6 units
Carton quantity 5 litre = 4 units
Pallet quantity 20 litre = 32 units
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