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 Chemtech CT18 Concentrated cleaning gel which removes the toughest grease, grime, oil and soot, leaving a streak free finish.

Chemtech CT20 Also a concentrated cleaning gel, contains carnauba wax.

Chemtech RL18 Also a concentrated cleaning gel, contains coconut oil.

All products inhibit rust and corrosion, are biodegradable and pH neutral. They may be applied to all vehicle surfaces using a foam gun, pressure washer or sponge once diluted.  

Chemtech Screen Clean is a concentrated windscreen washer reservoir additive.

CT18 & RL18 are available in 200 litre drums, by special order

Carton quantity 1 litre = 12 units
Carton quantity 5 litre = 4 units
Pallet quantity 20 litre = 32 units
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