Balchan Zinc Rich Cold Galvanising Coatings

Product Type: Paint - Industrial Aerosol

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Balchan Zinc Rich Cold Galvanising is a range of professional quality cold galvanising epoxy coatings. The Zinc Rich Cold Gal contains 93% zinc in dry film. This quick drying epoxy coating is highly resistant to salt corrosion, provides maximum protection to ferrous metals and has excellent anti-sag properties. This 400gm aerosol is also available in 500ml, 1 litre and 4 litre brush on form.

It is recommended to spray over with Balchan Silver Gal, Bright Silver Gal or Black Gal depending on the desired finish. These colours contain approximately 48% zinc in dry film. Each of these aerosols contain 400gm of product.

Carton quantity = 12 units
Pallet quantity = 120 cartons
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