Chemtech TC87 Short Term Protective Membrane

Product Type: Industrial Chemical

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Chemtech TC87 Short Term Protective Membrane Nitrocellulose transparent membrane used during building construction to protect concrete and timber from stains caused by paint spillage and overspray, overhanging tree sap, animal droppings and rain. May be applied by brush or spray. Short term - if exposed to ultraviolet light membrane will biodegrade within 2 -3 months and flakes can be easily sanded or brushed off. On internal surfaces without UV light exposure, sanding is required to remove. Pink dye added to help guide desired coverage. Dye fades to clear within approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Available in 20 litre drum.

Not to be used on green timber. Ensure that timber planks are tightly abutted as dye can be captured in gaps between planks.

Pallet quantity = 32 units

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