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The Motortech range of chemical products covers a wide range of applications in automotive maintenance. motortech, car care, lubricants, additives

Motortech is a long established and popular brand, well regarded by both the automotive trade professional and D.I.Y. enthusiast alike. The brand is distributed throughout Australia, although the entire range is rarely available.

Select Gear stocks and supplies the entire range of Motortech automotive maintenance products, including the aerosol range, the additive products and the volumetric products. A range of aerosol touch up paint is also available. See the below list of the offerings in the Motortech range.

Car Care:

Upholstery Cleaner
Tyre Shine
Cream Wax
Car Wash
Vinyl Reviver
Wash/Wax Concentrate
Tyre Black
Contact Cleaner
Truck Wash
motortech, car care, lubricants, additives

Specialty Maintenance:

Belt Dressing
Carby Cleaner
Brake Cleaner
Underbody Coating

Lubricants & Rust Prevention:

Water Dispersant
Lithium Grease
Rust Breaker
Silicone Spray

Specialty Products:

Glass Cleaner
Fish Oil
Super Mag Wheel Cleaner
Engine Start
Spray Adhesive

Engine Additives:

Transmission & Motor Sealer
Engine Flush
Smoke Stopper
Oil Additive

Fuel Additives:

Diesel Injector Cleaner
Injector Cleaner
Octane Booster

Radiator Additives:

Radiator Sealer
Radiator Flush

Volumetric 5 Litre & 20 Litre Drum:

Degreaser 5 Litre
Truck Wash
Truck Wash 5 Litre
Brake Cleaner
Carby Cleaner
Tyre Shine
Glass Cleaner

Aerosol Touch Up Paint 250gram:

General Purpose Spray Paints 20 Colours

Metallic Spray Paints 4 Colours
General Purpose Primers & Undercoats 3 Colours

Click here to view our full Motortech Product Range that we support.

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